Welcome to the League - FAQs inside!

UpdatedFriday January 29, 2016 byMark .

Welcome to all the new and returning players to the Cedar Valley Adult Soccer Association! Here you will find some answers to your commonly asked questions. If you feel as though we’re missing something, please let us know through a quick email to execs@cvasaonline.org. We are always looking to improve!

  1. Now that I’m registered, when will teams and schedules be announced?
    • Registration typically closes a week and a half prior to the first game. This gives us (the Board) a chance to decide how many teams we can make, sort through the names, ensure we have the right jerseys, and get the schedule completed. We aim to release schedule and team assignments a week before the first game to give everyone a chance to plan accordingly.
  2. Are there specific rules for CVASA?
    • Yes! CVASA for the most part follows typical FIFA rules, but we make a few minor adjustments since this is a recreational league and we all need to go to work the next day (unfortunately, soccer is not our million-dollar-per-year job). Click here to check them out.
  3. When will we receive jerseys?
    • We will hand out jerseys at each team’s first game. Please try to arrive a few mintues earlier than normal so we can ensure everyone gets what they ordered. If you are unable to attend the first game, we can either leave the jerseys with a teammate/friend, or we’ll bring them to the following games until you pick them up.
  4. How can I connect with my team for attendance purposes?
    • The TeamWall App has a nifty feature to track a team’s attendance. Simply browse through the schedule and click the question mark icon for a particular game to record whether or not you’ll be attending. The system will also send an auto-generated email prior to each game until a response is recorded. These emails will show up 7 days, 3 days, and 24 hours prior to each game. For more information, click here. The only downside is that currently, only admins and volunteers can view the attendance summary. We are working with our provider to get this changed since we are an all-adult league.
  5. How can I communicate with my team?
    • In addition to responding to the attendance emails, you can also send a chat to your entire team to notify them of any absence, discuss strategy or get pumped up for the next game. On your team’s TeamWall, you can start a “Team Chat”, or through the app you can click “Chat” on the bottom bar and do it that way. Everyone on the team will be included and notified of the new message.
  6. When are pickup games?
    • We have free pickup games most weeks on Friday during the indoor season, and also once a week during the outdoor season. The schedule will be posted to the calendar on our website. Pickup is open to anyone and free! Bring your cleats and shinguards – they are still required – as well as a WHITE and DARK shirt to form teams (or just bring your jerseys again!).